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About Me

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My journey in photography began over 14 years ago during my undergraduate studies. Psychology was my academic major, so I quenched my artistic thirst by minoring in the visual arts, gaining a particular interest in photography. My first SLR camera was a Konica Minolta 35mm, capturing family and friends on black and white film and spending 10-hour Saturdays in the university darkroom. Following graduation, I moved on to pursue graduate studies in the field of educational psychology, obtaining a Master's degree and then Professional Diploma in School Psychology. I spent 7 years working in public education, continuing to explore photography as a hobbyist until I found myself back in the classroom 3 years ago; this time to educate myself on the digital medium. While digital photography has taken me far from the distinct smell of the darkroom, the principles of artistic composition and concept of capturing emotion, personality, and ubiquitous beauty of those around me through a piece of carefully crafted glass remains the same.


I am wife to an amazing husband (and incidental assistant) - Drew, and mother/butler to my two beautiful, bossy, muses - Jackson and Evangeline. I have a four-legged, wet-nosed, live-in mother's helper, who is the first to let me know when my children are arguing out of earshot. While I have always been interested in photographing people, it was not until I started a family of my own that I realized how fleeting these incredible life moments truly are, and came to understand the importance of capturing them not only for ourselves, but for generations to come. Inspired to resurrect my skills and passion, I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey so that I could offer to others the precious gift of tangible memories.

I specialize in maternity, newborn, children, pet and family portraiture. Please consider my services for your photography needs. I look forward to meeting and growing with your family!

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